#WhatHaveWeDone trending na Brexit

Wij moeten nog decennia met jullie beslissing leven. Dat is de teneur van de tweets die duizenden jongeren onder de hashtag #WhatHaveWeDone na Brexit de wereld instuurden. Uittreding is vooral een besluit van de oudere generatie, blijkt ook uit peilingen. Hoe jonger, hoe EU-gezinder. Een selectie hartenkreten.

Lucas, Londen - @_lucasys

We are the generation who has to live with the decision announced today, and we didn't get a say. #WhatHaveWeDone

Elle-Louise Smith, Brighton - @Elle_smith95

We have opted for unemployment, no trade, low wages and a recession - but don't worry because we are 'free' #WhatHaveWeDone

'Serendipity kid' - @forsyth818

Can't wait to get a new passport, driving license, have no ehic card and queue in the non-Eu line when travelling #whathavewedone :-(

Tamara Isted - ‏@TamaraIsted1

You know what makes me mad? Those who it will affect most were sat in classrooms whilethe rest of the country got their vote #WhatHaveWeDone

Cei Whitehouse - ‏@CeiWhitehouse

It will be fine: we're the 5th biggest economy. Update: 6th biggest. Sorry 7th, 8th, 9th... #WhatHaveWeDone

EdenArielle93 - @ediebabes

I hereby discard my British identity and would like to simply be known as 'human.' There are very few of us left. #WhatHaveWeDone

Sebastian - ‏@Seb_Alexander_

I just want the world to know there are 16.4 million Brits who didn't want this. Please don't tar us all with the same brush #WhatHaveWeDone

Martin - ‏@Martin_Rich_91

Never has a hashtag summed up more how I feel at the moment #WhatHaveWeDone

Freddie Martin - ‏@FreddieMartin1

Was going to do a #WhatHaveWeDone tweet but it doesn't feel accurate, #WhatHaveTheyDone is more appropriate

Karl Disley, Londen - ‏@8e0840998ad54b8

Don't usually (OK never) drink in the mornings but today is different. Britain disaster ,#WhatHaveWeDone

Harry Norgate - ‏@HarryNorgate

Sorry Europe, please can we stay friends #whathavewedone

CHAR, ‏@charm8x

I would like to say thanks to the older generation for screwing up our future #WhatHaveWeDone

Georgia Wilson, Devon - ‏@MissG_Wilson

This is exactly why people should be educated. There is no going back now #WhatHaveWeDone

James Bevan, Londen - @jhjbevan

Today is no victory for democracy. Today ignorance, hate, fear and intolerance have won. Reason, peace and unity have lost. #WhatHaveWeDone

Jamie Tinsley, amietinsley156

#WhatHaveWeDone - A generation given everything: Free education, golden pensions & social mobility voted to strip next generation's future!

Aaron Calder - ‏@AaronCalder_

Again, the forecasted implications have already come to head! So much damage in less than 24hrs! #Brexit #EURefResults #whathavewedone