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Lonely Planet thinks you should visit this Dutch island

“Powdery-white beaches, wildlife-filled nature reserves, quiet forests and quaint villages.” Is this the description of an island in the Carribean? Nope. According to Lonely Planet, an “idyllic” Dutch island has a high “wow” factor. Its name? Texel (pronounced as ‘Tessel’). Lonely Planet ranks the Dutch island among the top 10 European destinations for this summer.

The only way to reach Texel is by sea. A ferry departs from the Northwestern city of Den Helder. The island is mostly visited by Dutch and German tourists. Tammy van Nerum
The boat trip to Texel takes about 20 minutes. The island is located 4.2 kilometers from the mainland and is the largest of the five Dutch Wadden Sea Islands. Tammy van Nerum
Bored? Feeding the gulls flying along the ferry is a popular pastime on the Marsdiep, the strait that connects the North Sea to the Wadden Sea. Tammy van Nerum
A typical Texel (and Dutch) landscape. Tammy van Nerum
The Slufter, a unique nature reserve connected to the North Sea and flooded at high tide. Tammy van Nerum
According to Lonely Planet, the red lighthouse is one of the main attractions on the island. It's located on the northern tip of Texel, near the village De Cocksdorp. Tammy van Nerum
The lighthouse was built in 1864. Tammy van Nerum
After climbing the stairs, this is the reward: this stunning view of the island, the Wadden Sea and North Sea. Tammy van Nerum
The Texel Dunes National Park stretches along the entire west coast of the island: about 43 square kilometers. Tammy van Nerum
De Cocksdorp villagers constructed this observation tower resembling the mill that once stood there. Tammy van Nerum
"The untouched nature and kilometers of coastline along with the many festivals and an annual catamaran race in late June make the island a unique holiday destination," editor Tom Hall from Lonely Planet writes. Tammy van Nerum
Visitors watching a falconry show. The Eureka Orchids Garden & Birdbush is one of two natural history museums on the island and one of Lonely Planet's recommendations. Tammy van Nerum
Eureka also has a Butterfly Garden. Tammy van Nerum
Typical for Texel are these self-service shops. Usually run by farmers selling their goods along the road. Tammy van Nerum