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Nog een jaar en je kan je eigen jetpack kopen

Al dertig jaar werkt Nieuw-Zeelander Glenn Martin aan een jetpack voor de consument. Volgend jaar zal de eerste op de markt komen, hij kost alleen wel 200.000 dollar.

The world’s first commercial jetpack has been given a powerful new engine


Martin Aircraft is putting a powerful new engine into the world’s first commercial jetpack.

The ASX-listed company has done a deal with UK-based Gilo Industries Group for supply of its advanced rotary engines from subsidiary Rotron Power Limited.

New Zealander Glenn Martin has been developing the jetpack, with distinctive mid-mounted fan ducts, for more than 30 years. The machines are expected to retail for $US200,000 when they are released to the market later next year.

Martin Aircraft is dropping its custom built two stroke V4 engine used on Martin Jetpack test aircraft.

These will be replaced by the Rotron rotary engine which delivers a higher power-to-weight ratio while remaining small and reliable with almost zero vibration.

Testing and evaluation of the engine has been taking place at the Rotron UK test facilities since late last year.

“With Rotron’s patented rotor and water cooling systems and electronic fuel injection fitted as standard, the Rotron engine delivers greater fuel and payload flexibility, improved operational range and a multi-mission capability that fits well with our product development road map for the Martin Jetpack,” says Martin Aircraft CEO Peter Coker.

The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand in October approved Martin Aircraft’s latest model jetpack, the Prototype 12, for manned flight.

A short time ago, Martin Aircraft shares were up 7.7% to $0.485.

Watch the jetpack in flight in China: