De tien stijlfouten die mannen maken - volgens vrouwen

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Zet je schrap. Gelukkig bieden we je ook alternatieven.

The 10 worst style mistakes a man can make, according to women — and how to avoid them

Style mistakes are something a man generally wants to avoid.

And style mistakes that the opposite sex has voted as the most egregious? Well, you’d better listen up.

Female commenters on Reddit’s r/AskWomen subreddit were asked to vote on what they consider to be the worst style blunders they see on men.

We’ve rounded up the 10 most upvoted, coupled with advice on how to best avoid them.

10. Jean shorts.


“Jean shorts.” — i_killed_baby_jane

Jean shorts — affectionately known as “jorts” — are a bit of a scourge during warmer months. They crop up with their unsightly hemlines and janky appearance.

Instead wear: A nice slim pair of chino shorts.

9. Baggy jeans.


“Baggy/’relaxed fit’ jeans in general.” — kidkvlt
Baggy jeans remind us of the ’90s. We’ve come pretty far since then, and baggy jeans should be relegated to the same bin as Furbies and frosted tips.

Instead wear: Jeans that fit on the slim or even skinny side.

8. Inappropriate head wear.


“Fedoras. Just stop with them. It’s not 1935.” — Baron3ss

Hats — especially fedoras and other dressy hats — are completely passé in 2016. They look very out of place today, and will always make it look like you’re trying too hard.

Instead wear: Absolutely nothing on your head.

7. Improper grooming.


No one likes an unkempt beard.
“Just … not grooming. Not trimming beards … that sort of thing.” — deleted

Grooming is important, guys. When a guy is unkempt, others will start to notice.

Instead wear: A neatly trimmed beard, stubble, or no facial hair at all.

6. Fake glasses.


“My ex used to wear glasses even though he didn’t need them and it was really obvious that he didn’t and he looked like an idiot.” — howlingatthemoobs

It goes like this: If you’re not wearing those glasses to see, you’re not doing yourself any favors. And if you do wear nonprescription glasses, absolutely do not talk about it.

Instead wear: Prescription glasses or nothing at all.

5. Socks with sandals.


“Socks and sandals, especially white socks and sandals.” — jmk816
Socks and sandals are never a good look. In fact, we named them one of the 11 deadly sins of men’s style for that very reason.

Instead wear: A slick pair of white sneakers without socks.

4. Tucked-in shirts that aren’t supposed to be tucked.


“Tucking your non-dress shirt into your non-dress pants.” — mahayana

There’s an easy test for this. If your shirt has long tails, it’s meant to be tucked in. If it has no tails, it’s not meant to be tucked in. If it has short tails, it’s your call.

Go forth and tuck correctly.

Instead wear: Your tailed-shirts tucked, and your nontailed shirts untucked.

3. Pleated khaki pants.


“Stay away from those god awful khaki old man pants with the pleats in the front.” — ocm09876

Pleats are generally considered unflattering, and should be avoided. The extra fold of fabric creates an odd, billowing silhouette that is best avoided if you’re on the average-to-skinny side of pant sizes.

Instead wear: Flat-front, slim-fit chinos.

2. Clothes that don’t fit.


“Wearing clothes that are waay too big for them!” — ocm09876

Over and over again, we at Business Insider have emphasized fit over everything else when it comes to clothing. We’re not kidding. Well-fitting clothing is more flattering no matter what your body type is.

Instead wear: Clothes that fit well. (For suits, our guide is a good place to start.)

1. Loud shirts with writing, graphics, or flames on them.


“Those shirts with the flames on them, oh lordy…” — sapandsawdust

This should go without saying, but apparently it needs to be said. Anything with graphics, flames, witty sayings, or logos on it needs to be turned into trash immediately.

They’re not clever. They’re not cute, and they’re a serious turn-off.

Instead wear: Literally any other shirt.