Please call!

Hello miss, we have seen each other several times on the Leiden-Delft trajectory. We usually travel with the Vlissingen intercity that arrives in Delft at 08.25. Always in the first carriage, usually on the second floor. To help you remember – I am the guy with that funny looking synthesizer gadget. You have seen me playing while sitting opposite to me. Last time I saw you was in July. I regret very, very much that I did not approach you before. Now that you have disappeared I am crushed. I went to Leiden few times just walking the streets, looking inside coffees/pubs, trying to find you. Very slim probability to find you in this way but I’ll take any chance… I still travel [almost] every working day using the same train in the morning. My hope is that I’ll see you again, because unless I am very much mistaken you did look at me favourably. Please call!