Waarom werken in de tech-industry helemaal niet zo leuk is

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Werken voor Google of Facebook, dat betekent veel geld en een werkgever die je in de watten legt, toch? Ja, maar er zijn ook nadelen.

There’s no question about it, working in the tech industry can be a high-paying job filled with perks and benefits.


But there are some big downsides to the job, particularly for IT pros — the folks in companies that oversee employees’ devices, networks and apps.

Several recent surveys document the ways in which IT pros are unhappy. These include a survey of 5,000 people from TinyPulse, an HR service that attempts to prevent worker burnout; a survey of 214 people from SolarWinds, known for its huge social network for IT professionals; of 23,000 from job-hunting site Dice; and of 4,900 from IT magazine Computerworld.

1. Only 19% of IT professionals say that are really happy at work on a scale of 1-10. This compares to 22% of non IT workers

2. 64% are NOT clear about their job promotion and career path.

3. The war for tech talent is driving up salaries but not satisfaction with salaries. About half of IT pros surveyed feel underpaid these days, a feeling on the rise over the past couple of years, even while they feel good about their chances for getting a new job.

4. Three-quarters of IT pros working at corporations felt they didn’t have much chance for career growth in their current jobs. That’s low compared to workers on average.

5. One survey found that 62% of IT professionals feel moderately valued to under-valued by their employers.

6. When asked to rate workplace appreciation on a scale of 1-10, only 17% felt significantly valued, another survey found.

7. Just under half of IT workers surveyed said that had a great-to-excellent relationship with their co-workers (a 9 or 10 on a 1-10 scale). That’s not bad, but it’s still under par.


8. These are the top reasons that IT pros feel stifled in their careers.


    • Julie Bort