Gefilte fish, de ‘hPad’ en het Haïti-standpunt van Chelsea


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Where are we on this?

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That is exciting news--do you think you can teach me to use it on the flight to Kyev next week?

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your iPad has arrived!

To: Dad, Mom

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There is a context section at the bottom, which is longer than I would like, but I think it is important to articulate what I saw and whom I spoke with (and what I didn't see and whom I didn't meet) so that you understand my data set and its clear limitations. To say I was profoundly disturbed by what I saw - and didn't see - would be an understatement. The incompetence is mind numbing. Not incidentally, it rained twice while I was there. If we do not quickly change the organization, management, accountability and delivery paradigm on the ground, we could quite conceivably confront tens of thousands of children's deaths by diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid and other water-related diseases in the near future. Below are my major takeaways and a few nascent/early thoughts on what we (however we define we) could do to drive significant and incremental improvements on the ground in the near and longer term. As is often said, if I had more time - and less emotion - I would have written a shorter letter. I hope this mini-behemoth is not rife with grammatical errors or inadvertent gaps; I am sorry if either true.

Please do not forward this in whole or in part attributed to me without asking me first - happy to be an invisible soldier. Mainly hope this is even marginally helpful.