Hier wonen al die vreemdgangers van Ashley Madison

foto AP

In Sao Paulo weten ze van wanten.

A chart made from Ashley Madison data reveals 25 cities where the most people want to cheat

The leak of customer data from the extramarital-dating website Ashley Madison has been a nightmare for a lot of people. On Tuesday hackers released nearly 10 gigabytes of user information from a July breach, and revelations are already starting to come from the data.

According to one researcher, who goes by the Twitter handle t0x0pg, the leak contains more than 15,000 US military and governmental email addresses, most of which are military. These figures should be taken with a grain of salt, as Ashley Madison did not verify the email addresses used during sign-up.

But another insight that comes from the data is the differences in user counts between cities. The Dadaviz graphic below shows the 25 cities with the most Ashley Madison accounts. Bear in mind that these numbers don’t take population into consideration — so while Toronto has a similar number of accounts to Santiago, Chile, it has about half the population.

See the full list below:



    • Nathan McAlone