Huffington Post lanceert dit jaar nog een tv-zender

foto EPA

Een van de bekendste blogs ter wereld is binnenkort ook een tv-zender: The Huffington Post lanceert dit jaar nog een 24-uurs nieuwszender.

The Huffington Post is going even more the way of CNN and has announced plans to launch a 24-hour online video network called HuffPost 24 along with new dedicated film and television divisions, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The digital media company launched its own online broadcasting channel, HuffPost Live, two years ago, but is now looking to even further double down on video.

The Huffington Post’s founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington — who just signed a contract to stay with the company for four more years — told the Hollywood Reporter that the company plans to be “50-50 video.”

She added,

“As we see the world moving to mobile and global video, these are pretty big priorities.”

HuffPost 24 will offer a variety of programming, including local and international news, original series, and other “film and television projects,” including documentaries and short-form video. It will also feature sponsored content and material from its parent company AOL.

The new network will be available on the Huffington Post’s website as well as on mobile apps.

HuffPost 24 is slated to launch in either the third or fourth quarter of 2015, according to the Hollywood Reporter.