Waarom een Italiaans restaurant zijn Michelinster teruggaf

Een mooi streven, het halen van een Michelinster. Maar in het Italiaanse Oviglio gaf restaurant Donatella de ster juist terug.

There are those who reach for the stars … and those who decide to give them back. One of the best-known restaurants in the Piedmont region’s Alessandria province is paying the price for being elite in a tiny town of just 1,200 residents.

Although fine dining has finally come back into favor after the economic crisis, and Michelin stars are the ultimate goal of every chef (not just on MasterChef), this restaurant has decided its coveted one-star rating is actually a disadvantage to attracting local customers. So it has removed it from both the wall and the menu, and is doing its best to hide all traces of this stamp of approval from the exclusive foodie guide.

The restaurant, Donatella, opened in 2004, winning the prestigious Michelin designation just four years later. “This was a well-thought-out choice, a painful one,” co-owner Donatella Vogogna says of the decision to downplay the starred rating. She spent many months agonizing over the decision with her husband, co-owner and chef Mauro Bellotti. They wrote, erased, and finally rewrote and sent a letter to the Michelin Guide notifying the Bible of dining about it.

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