Na software is er nu ook ‘open hardware’ - Google en Tesla doen mee

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Open software kennen we al een tijdje, nu breekt ook de ‘open hardware’ door: ontwerpen downloaden van internet - voor een stoel, tafel, of zelfs auto - en zelf produceren met een 3d-printer. Techbedrijven als Google en Tesla zijn enthousiast, maar hoe is er geld mee te verdienen? is an original website in more ways than one. First of all, its domain name in .cc is that of the Coco Islands, but also means Creative Commons, a license system used by those who believe in sharing “open source” material. Indeed, this concept of “free material” is also part of what makes Opendesk special.

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La Machinerie, a Fab Lab in Amiens. Foto La Machinerie

On this furniture website, you can download free designs for desks, chairs and book shelves created by designers from around the world. With the plan in-hand in PDF, you are free to modify the design as you see fit. If you’re feeling brave enough, you can build it yourself. Except for the wood, the screws and your time, the object won’t have cost you a cent.

“Letting users modify my creations and make the most of it in whatever ways they want is an interesting idea,” says Pierrick Faure, a young French designer who offers his Roxanne chair on Opendesk.

“Plus, I don’t have to find a manufacturer to produce and deliver my creations. Instead, I can instantly send a file to my clients who’ll then manage the building and delivery process themselves.”

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