Op een tech-beurs zie je al gauw rare dingen

Supersnelle gadgets, geweldige vindingen en glimmend spul, het Mobile World Congress is een tech-walhalla van jewelste. Maar er zijn ook veel, nou ja, raardere dingen te zien.

Here are some of the weirdest things we’ve seen at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, is where tech companies and mobile carriers come to show off their latest products and ogle what everyone else is making.

We have been exploring the conference, and here are some of the most bizarre things we have seen. (Foto’s Business Insider/ James Cook)

Colorful phone accessories are everywhere at MWC. This company sells some cables you can wear around your neck.

These emoji signs are meant to show how much people like technology.

Do you like the sound of the Apple Watch but wish it had a camera? This Korean smartwatch has a huge camera on the side.

This might look like an Apple Watch, but it is actually a fake. It looks convincing, though!

Samsung built this bridge, but the message on it is rather strange: “What’s next the next Galaxy.”

HTC’s new wearable device lets you measure your desire.

Samsung held its big news conference on Sunday. Everyone in the audience was pretty tired but woke up when a bright white light was directed at the crowd.

Samsung’s employees were dressed in white, too.

The Korean mobile carrier SK Telecom built this fake hot-air balloon to be used with its virtual reality headsets.

You had to sign a waiver before you could get on the virtual reality hot-air balloon, though. Women dressed as pilots made sure you filled it in correctly.

SK Telecom also brought this robot along. It mirrored the movements of the woman on the right.

It’s important for companies to stand out at MWC. This guy was wandering the conference like this.

This is what we’ll be wearing in the future: a camera on our chest and another on our head, with a selfie stick for good measure.


    • James Cook