Innoveren: China laat zien hoe het niet moet

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China is een van ‘s werelds grootste investeerders in technologisch onderzoek. Maar het levert ze weinig op. Hoe kan dat?

China is one of the world’s top investors in technological research, having spent $193 billion in 2013. Nearly half of that money ($80 billion) was funded by the state. Yet it continues to lag behind with regards to scientific innovation, ranking only 19th in the world. China’s scientific and technological achievement transformation rate, futhermore, is a mere 10%.

The quality of China’s scientific papers, the most basic proof of its research performance, also reflects a vexing truth. According to data from the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, each Chinese scientific paper is on average cited 6.92 times, whereas the world average is 10.69 times. That is to say that although China is at the forefront of the world in spending on scientific research, its research quality and results are not even reaching the global average level.

So why is China’s research output efficiency so poor? The reasons are multifold, but the most critical of all is the seriously unreasonable distribution of research funding. As numerous recent cases suggest, much the funding is simply being misappropriated.

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    • Liu Jinsong