Het beste van Le Temps

Geld over? Dit is de ‘Rolls-Royce onder de ski’s’

Foto Zai

Je betaalt ergens tussen de 3.000 en 10.000 voor een paar, maar dan heb je ook wat: de beste ski’s ter wereld.

The snow hasn’t fallen yet, and the crowds are still to come. It’s a rainy December day under a low grey sky. A ray of sunshine sometimes pierces through the clouds to caress the eternal whiteness of eastern Switzerland’s summits.

Having departed from the town of Coire, the small red train takes travelers to Disentis, riding along the cliffs. It looks like the end of the world. We’re in the heart of the Alps, where for centuries skiing has been used as a means of transportation both practical and fun.

Foto Zai

Foto Zai

The train halts and allows the passengers to depart. With eyes fixed on the cobblestones to avoid the puddles, they forget that a massive abbey overlooks and dominates the village. Do they know that in this very valley called Surselva, craftsmen are creating the Rolls Royce of skis? The formula for the Zai brand is a well-kept secret.

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