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Waarom Chinese bedrijven vaker in rechtszaken verwikkeld raken

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Veel Chinese bedrijven houden van kopiëren. Ze negeren patenten. Maar nu ze hun producten overal ter wereld willen verkopen, raken ze vaker verstrikt in rechtszaken.

Recently Xiaomi, China’s largest smartphone distributor, made its debut in India. It was immediately sued by Ericsson for violating the Swedish company’s patents. Only a few days later, the air purifier made by Xiaomi was also questioned by Balmuda, a Japanese brand, for copying its appearance.

As the Chinese saying goes: it takes more than one cold day before a deep river freezes. There are many reasons why Chinese enterprises are so often entangled in court cases involving copyright issues. Among the most significant causes are China’s incomplete legal protection for patents, and the government’s role in maneuvering so that intellectual property protection works to benefit homegrown Chinese industries.

That China doesn’t make enough effort in protecting intellectual property rights has long been criticized by the international community. The costs are relatively low to infringe intellectual property rights in China, while it is expensive, in both time and money, to safeguard them.

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