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Kopen die apps, want Apple maakt ze duurder

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Heb je nog een paar apps op het oog? Nu kopen, binnen een paar dagen stijgen ze flink in prijs.

Apple has sent a notice to app developers informing them that the prices of apps in Europe are about to increase.

The company is making the move to counter tax rates and wildly fluctuating foreign exchange rates, which are hurting Apple’s dollar-denominated revenues.

For consumers, it means you ought to download all the paid apps you want right now, because there is going to be a big price increase coming in a day or two.

Apple Insider obtained a copy of the Apple notice, which lets developers know that there’s going to be some changes for apps in Europe.

Iceland gets lucky

Every country in Europe will see app prices increase. The cost of apps will also go up in Canada and Norway. Iceland gets lucky, though, as Apple says that apps in the country will decrease in price.

So if you’re in Europe and looking to download a paid app, you probably need to act fast. The email, sent on January 7, says that the price change will come into effect within 36 hours.

Here’s the full email sent out to developers, via Apple Insider:

Apple says that the price of apps in Russia will change, too. But it doesn’t say whether they’re going up or down. It’s safe to assume that prices in Russia will go up, as Apple has already been forced to increase the cost of items by 100% in its Russian online store due to instability in the ruble.

The European App Store price changes are down to changes in VAT rates, as well as foreign exchange rates. Apple regularly changes its app pricing to make sure that developers and customers are selling their products at a price that makes sense for the local economy.

Google doesn’t make changes to App Store pricing in the same way that Apple does. Instead, developers can adjust the figure themselves, meaning that Google doesn’t need to keep abreast for foreign exchange rates around the world.