India? Callcenters zitten tegenwoordig op de Filipijnen

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Goed opgeleide bevolking, een verstaanbaar Engels accent en overbrugbare culturele verschillen. Niet zo gek dat callcenters India laten liggen en elders neerstrijken. Zoals op de Filipijnen.

The Philippines is increasingly the new destination of choice for international companies wanting to outsource their call centers.

In a room lined with rows of computers, everyone here is wearing a headset and is busy answering phone calls from other parts of the globe, working all night long while everybody else is asleep.

Jana Kleibert, a lecturer from the University of Amsterdam, explains the advantage of using Filipino call centers. “The main attraction lies in the fact that there is a very large talented work force that is English-speaking — and English-speaking with an accent that is very understandable, especially to North Americans,” she says. “The second thing is the work force is also well educated, which makes it easier to transfer service-based tasks. And there’s a cultural affinity with North America that also helps in communicating and performing customer services.”

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