Waarom het geen goed idee is Google verplicht op te splitsen

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Het machtige Google moet zich maar opsplitsen, zo vindt het Europees Parlement. Zoekmachines zouden niet langer hun eigen commerciële diensten mogen promoten. Maar is dat wel zo’n goed idee? Of zijn er betere oplossingen denkbaar om de macht van Google te breken?

The European Parliament has voted to break up Google, which is about the toughest blow a company can receive. The parliament’s watchword seems to be “unbundling,” which could mean forbidding Google from linking its products together — for example, telling the company that a Google search could no longer bring up Google Maps. There is also talk of “expropriation.”

The vote is not binding, but it does put pressure on the EU Commission, which has been investigating for years whether Google disadvantages its competitors and users, and considering just how hard to move against the company.

The distinction should be made between commission issues and parliamentary decisions, and not just for formal reasons. Commission procedure is a more or less normal bureaucratic process that has seen Google make some changes to its products both to gain ground and to calm adversaries.

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    • Johannes Boie