Ook een autoritje in Beijing kost straks geld

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Beijng heeft iets nieuws bedacht om de enorme files en bijbehorende luchtvervuiling aan te pakken. Iedereen die straks de Chinese hoofdstad met de auto in wil, moet betalen. Zoals in Londen dus. Maar werkt dat wel?

Just a couple of weeks after hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, during which the capital’s schools and state-run businesses were closed to clear the streets and the air, the city’s notoriously awful traffic and pollution are back.

But now, Beijing authorities are busy reconsidering imposing congestion charges on drivers as a more long-term solution.

Levying congestion fees to improve traffic jams and reduce pollution isn’t a new idea in Beijing. Since 2010, Beijing authorities have been proposing a series of congestion management solutions, including this one.

But while it’s frequently suggested, such a charge has yet to be put into practice. Chen Yanyan, deputy director of the School of Urban Transport at Beijing University of Technology, believes now is not the time for Beijing to undertake such a measure. And it wouldn’t change the city’s serious traffic ills if it were implemented, he says.

Chen notes that a congestion charge would only work in tandem with high-quality public transportation services. Without improving Beijing’s underground system and public bus facilities first, adding transport costs to private vehicle owners wouldn’t be enough to drive them back to public transport.

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