Waarom sommige bedrijven je tijdens de lunch laten dansen

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Alweer naar de bedrijfskantine? Nee, bij het Duitse postorderbedrijf doen ze het anders. Daar ga je tijdens de lunchpauze lekker dansen met collega’s: de Lunch Beat Party. En er zijn meer bedrijven die een alternatieve lunchplek voor hun werknemers proberen te bedenken.

When Kathrin Fiesel talks about lunch breaks at her company, people can’t believe it: “You do what? You go dancing!?”

Her employer, the e-commerce giant Otto, in Hamburg’s Bramfeld district, has for several months now been trying out alternatives to the classic visit to the canteen. One of the things they’ve come up with is “Lunch Beat,” an activity that is held at regular intervals and involves as many as 200 workers dancing away to songs like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams or “Monsta” by Culcha Candela.

“We went to a converted, darkened factory floor; there were finger foods, a DJ, and disco lighting,” Fiesel says of her most recent visit to the company club. “Everybody was dancing. It was really cool because you got to know a whole other side of the people you work with.”

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