Hoe China profiteert van het afval van de wereld

Foto AFP

De wereld produceert tonnen afval, en China profiteert daarvan. Het land koopt overal afval op om het te recyclen. Het zorgt voor werkgelegenheid, maar levert China ook goedkope grondstoffen.

The world now produces over four billion tons of waste every year. China buys some of it — mainly scrap metal, plastic and paper — to feed demand from factories and construction companies.

Here on Dongzhimenwai, a street in downtown Beijing, people gather to sell their waste. Old ladies line up with carts of plastic bottles, stacks of newspapers and even bits of toys and metal kitchenware they’ve collected. The plastic bottles are melted down to make everything from acrylic clothing to electronics.

Buyer Liu Aiguo explains what happens to this so-called trash once it’s in his hands. ”I fill up the truck, and then I drive it to Tongzhou town outside the city, to a holding depot that takes it to factories,” he says. “We buy plastic bottles and bales of paper, and we buy steel. But it depends on the quality. We can also go and collect from offices that have a lot of paper.”

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    • Mark Godfrey