Levende krabben en elf andere bizarre verkoopautomaten

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Lekkere trek als je op het station staat te wachten? Een snoepautomaat is nooit ver weg. Maar elders in de wereld komen hele andere dingen uit de automaat. Levende krabben bijvoorbeeld, of cupcakes. Een aantal vreemde verkoopautomaten op een rij:

1. De cupcake-automaat

In cities like New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas, you can walk up to a 24-hour sidewalk cupcake-dispensing machine and purchase a delicious cupcake, like this chocolate marshmallow one below, with your credit card.

2. De levende krab-automaat

Don’t like cupcakes? In China, live hairy crabs can be purchased from a vending machine at a main subway station in Nanjing. It’s the first live crab vending machine in China (surprising, we know) and sells an average of 200 live crabs daily.

3. De goud-automaat

In many places in the world, including below in the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi, customers can purchase gold straight from a vending machine.

4. De levende persoon-automaat

If you put coins into this vending machine in Tokyo, a real, live person will hand you your candy. Sort of defeats the purpose of a vending machine, but who are we to judge?

5. De snoep met tandpasta-automaat

Colgate delivered some health help themselves with this vending machine installed in Puerto Rico. Along with the purchased candy, customers got a free tube of toothpaste while the LED screen read “Don’t forget to brush!”

6. De burrito-automaat

In a Los Angeles, hungry customers can purchase a hot and ready burrito from this machine for $3. They can choose from Chorizo Sausage, Roasted Potato, Uncured Bacon, Free-Range Chicken or Shredded Beef flavors. Mmmmm.

7. De ruil-automaat

This vending machine in Brooklyn allows you to trade-in your unwanted goods in exchange for something new, with no cash changing hands. Called the “Swap-o-matic,” it was created to shift consumers thinking towards more sustainable practices of buying and selling goods.

8. De auto-automaat

In Hangzou, China, you can walk up to a massive vending machine and rent a car for a little over $3 an hour. The cars can only reach a top speed of 50 mph but they cut down on the massive air pollution in China by running off an electric motor.

9. De schoen-automaat

Speaking of late nights, if you’ve ever worn painful high heel shoes all night long, you’ll understand the need for this vending machine. It dispenses soft, comfy shoes that buyers in California and Las Vegas can swap for their stilettos at the end of a long party.

10. De haar-automaat

Philadelphia entrepreneur Marvin Kilgore has leased of 40 vending machines which dispense real human hair. The hair, used to enhance and elongate a woman’s locks, ranges from $60 to $250 a pack.

11. De acne-automaat

Who knows when the desire to get clearer skin will strike? If you’re in Hollywood, California, when it does though, you’re set with this Proactive acne treatment vending machine.

12. De hondenvoer-automaat

This innovative vending machine in Turkey dispenses water and dog food in a trough when you insert a plastic bottle for recycling. The service is provided free of charge and the company that created the machine says the recycled bottles offset the price of dog food.

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    • Christian Storm