Een van de meest innovatieve huizen staat in Leiden - en is heel klein

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Wat doe je als je met z’n tweeën op krap negentig vierkante meter in een huis met tuin en kantoorruimte wilt wonen? Juist, inventief worden. Dat is precies wat een aantal architecten uit Leiden deed. Ze bouwden - net als collega’s uit Londen - een bijzonder klein maar ruim huis en wonnen er een Duitse Häuser Award mee.

Three young London architects found themselves faced with very little space. Their clients’ property was only 2.3 meters wide by 32 meters long (7.5 feet by 105 feet). Worse, there was a protected house on it. But they built a clever extension that nearly doubled the living space for the four-member family – and there was still room for the garden.

The edifice has become known as “Slim House.”

Architects don’t like freedom. Ask them to go ahead and design their ideal house, and they’ll tell you those marching orders aren’t precise enough. Architects need guidelines, specifications, conditions. Theirs is a craft, not free-form art, even if some architects like to act as if it were. The fact is that architecture is bound by realities such as location, budget and the wishes and personalities of the clients.

If we take this idea further, then the best architect is one on whom the most limitations have been placed. For example, someone who can build a small house on a difficult piece of land. The challenge is to come up with something great in a mini format.

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    • Christian Tröster