Wat Google allemaal in Zürich doet

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 Twee werknemers in 2004, 1.300 nu. En de vestiging van Google in Zürich groeit nog steeds. Het heeft er niet een gebouw, maar een heel wijkje in bezit. Wat doet het bedrijf in Zwitersland? Een kijkje achter de schermen.

In one of the many Google Zurich cafeterias, a giant map of the city covers a wall. On it are marked the company’s successive locations, including Limmatquai, where the first Swiss Google office was initially established in 2004 with just two employees, and its current location of Brandschenkestrasse, which is on the site of the old Hurlimann Brewery.

Here, Google doesn’t just occupy a building, but more like an entire neighborhood. So far, the company leases three buildings and is in the process of acquiring a fourth across the street. “When I arrived in 2007, we had 100 employees in Zurich,” says Eric Tholomé, one of the three directors of the Zurich site.

“Now we have 1,300 and are still hiring.”

Switzerland is home to the company’s largest research center outside of the United States, following those in Mountain View, California, and in New York City.

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