Een basissalaris voor iedereen, goed idee of niet?

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Volgens een Duitse tech-ondernemer zorgt een basissalaris voor iedereen - ongeacht wat mensen er voor uitvoeren - voor een gelukkiger samenleving. Hij crowdfundde tienduizenden euro’s bij elkaar om een proefproject te starten.

At first glance, they have nothing in common. Götz Werner is wearing rimless glasses, a suit and the kind of cropped hair typically favored by older men. Michael Bohmeyer has a rather moppier hairstyle — long on top, short on the sides — and prefers T-shirts to suits.

And yet, Werner, founder of the dm-drogerie markt chain of drugstores, has found a kindred spirit in 29-year-old Bohmeyer.

Both have the same mission: an unconditional basic income. They believe in the simple notion that every person in Germany should get the same amount of money from the state, irrespective of age, need or life situation.

In contrast to Werner, who presents his idea is a classic manner — book, talk shows, lectures — Bohmeyer has chosen a path more in keeping with his generation and has started a crowdfunding campaign.

The Berlin resident has been collecting contributions on that will enable as many people as possible to forego the stress of earning a living for one year. To see how it feels to focus, say, on grandma instead of making rent, or on finishing that novel that’s been lying around in a drawer for years.

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