Waarom jouw stofzuiger minder zuigt - met dank aan de EU

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Stofzuigen was al niet leuk, maar voor wie graag een beetje power in zijn apparaten ziet, is het nu nog minder leuk. Vanaf vandaag worden er binnen de EU geen stofzuigers met een vermogen van meer dan 1600 Watt meer verkocht. Waarom niet? De EU.

Why Vacuum Cleaners May Get Less Powerful And More Expensive

European Union regulations will now require lower maximum voltage on vacuums. It may making cleaning slower, purchase prices higher, but hopefully long-term energy saving benefits.

TURIN — First it was the light bulbs: They were too energy-intensive. Then it was fans and dryers. Now the European Union’s ongoing stand against powerful domestic enemies is taking aim at super-charged vacuum cleaners.

Taking effect Sept. 1, the EU is pulling the plug on vacuum cleaners that eat up too much electricity, banning the sale of models that exceed 1,600 watts.

In 2017, Brussels will lower the maximum again, down to 900 watts — which has been the manufacturers’ competitive standard until now. Even the noise levels will be adjusted and must not be higher than 80 decibels. This really is a revolution because there are still many models on the market that exceed 2,000 watts.

The EU’s aim is to reduce energy waste; but what does it change for individual families? Will these lower wattage vacuums still do our chores, or will we suddenly find ourselves taking twice as long to clean the carpets and floors?

The EU insists that the new legislation won’t affect the appliance’s efficiency, but will on the contrary improve it. The new regulations already have precise indications on the suction levels of the devices.

What is certain is…

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