Adidas is de eeuwige nummer twee - maar daar gaan ze iets aan doen

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Adidas heeft flink geprofiteerd van het WK Voetbal. Maar nu dat is afgelopen blijkt dat het bedrijf er niet bepaald goed voorstaat. Bovendien wordt de achterstand op marktleider Nike steeds groter.

Adidas The Underdog’s Three-Stripe Comeback Plan

Soccer isn’t everything. At least not in the sports equipment business. Adidas, the sector’s No. 2 player, is learning that the hard way. The brand with the familiar three-stripe logo used the World Cup in Brazil to its advantage — far better than global leader Nike — but the hoopla died when the games ended.

Adidas is in big trouble, primarily because of the weak market for golf equipment and flucuations in exchange rates. The company has been forced to retreat from previously announced goals, and the stock has taken a corresponding nosedive. Meanwhile, the gap with Nike widens as the American company springs ahead.

“I’m a striker, and I want to win,” Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer said defiantly Thursday when he presented his plan to steer the company out of its rut. The 60-year-old hobby soccer player said the company would have to fight hard to win back trust lost with the financial markets, investors and the public.

The Americans may be No. 2 in soccer equipment sales, but in all other product categories and many regions, they are ahead of Adidas. They’re also growing significantly stronger — even on Adidas’ home turf of Germany. The gap is largest in North America, the most important market for the…

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