This is how Heineken became the best known brewery in the world

French advertisement for export beer for the African market: "Among friends you drink Heineken, the elite's beer. Heineken imported from the Netherlands" (70s) Foto Heineken Collection Foundation

Heineken turns 150 this year. The Amsterdam based brewery claims to be the world’s most international brewery; its beers are available in 178 countries around the world. By production volume Heineken is the number one brewery in the world. And as a celebration, today it launches a book based on a scientific study called Brewery, brand and family: 150 years of Heineken.

One of the key features of Heineken’s success has always been its advertising strategy. Late Freddy Heineken was renowned for his marketing skills. In 1999 he was elected Dutch advertiser of the century. He once said: “If I wouldn’t have worked with Heineken I would have gone into advertising.”

Here’s an overview of some of Heineken’s finest ads over the years.

    • Camil Driessen & Bas van Kooij