Wijn is minder populair, behalve in Rusland

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In veel landen wordt minder wijn gedronken, maar in Rusland is sprake van het tegenovergestelde. Daar weekt de opkomende middenklasse zich los van de sterke drank, en werpt zich op wijn.

Around the world, people are drinking less wine, which comes as a surprise to middle-class Russians, who have only just begun to discover its pleasures. But that fact could represent a silver lining for global winemakers, who are looking to Russia as a market ripe for growth.

According to the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), both production and consumption of wine has been dropping around the world over the past decade. In the 1970s and 1980s, wine production was stable at around 33 billion liters per year, but that has dropped to 28 billion liters a year, with per capita consumption falling even more.

Why this is happening can be explained by changes in the way people in developed countries live. “Look at how the labor markets have changed over the past 60 years,” explains Vadim Drobiz, head of a federal research center on the alcohol market.

“We sit in offices all day where it’s not acceptable to drink wine,” he continues.

“Before World War II, in France it was totally normal to drink a liter of wine over the course of the workday, including lunch. At that time, people in France and Italy drank 120 to 130 liters of wine per year per capita. Now the per capita wine consumption is a third of that. In addition, there was automobile, which further restricted wine consumption. Plus, wine has lost the battle for youth, who have a culture based around cheap beer and cocktails.”

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    • Aleksander Zotin