Die Derde Wereldoorlog is de schuld van ouderen en banken

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Door oude mensen en banken stevenen wij af op de Derde Wereldoorlog. Tenminste, dat zeggen twee vooraanstaande Franse economen in een boek. Ook overheden hebben er schuld aan, zowel die van Westerse als die van ontwikkelingslanden. Dit is hoe zij dat uitleggen.

When our political elite is done dealing with insignificant affairs and finally decides to see beyond the next elections, they will realize the sobering threat of new world wars. At least, that’s how French economists Jean-Hervé Lorenzi and Mickaël Berrebi see it, laying out their arguments in a chilling new book titled Un Monde de Violences (A World of Violence).

There are numerous sources of conflicts worldwide, and if “we hesitate to mention the possibility of war … our incapacity to overcome them will without a doubt drive us there,” they write.

Lorenzi, who describes himself as a former optimist, now appears to have become frighteningly alarmist.

Unfortunately, the book is quite convincing. It is useful to those who want to better understand the sources of conflicts, which the economists characterize as “constraints.”

There are six such constraints: lack of growth, aging of the population, income inequalities,

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    • Eric Le Boucher