Je kunt beter geen Rus in Nederland zijn, op dit moment

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De dochter van president Poetin is de bekendste Rus in Nederland, maar niet de enige. Russische expats in Nederland merken dat ze steeds meer met de nek worden aangekeken, nu het conflict tussen de twee landen verhardt.

The worst thing about it, says Marina Smirnova, is that people won’t tell her directly to her face what they think of her. When the 27-year-old Russian, a linguist, joins a discussion with colleagues at work about the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, and points out that responsibility for the tragedy has not yet been formally established, everybody suddenly goes silent.

Feeling increasingly isolated, Smirnova is sure that people are badmouthing her, making malicious remarks behind her back. On Facebook there have already been calls tor Russians to be chased out of the Netherlands and for a killer commando to be sent to take care of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

Smirnova has read the posts. She sits in Café Zuid by the Maas River in the Dutch university town of Maastricht and reflects about where her relations with Dutch people are going.

“My wish is that [the negative climate] doesn’t escalate further,” she says.

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    • Tim Röhn