Het nieuwe WTC in New York is prachtig- maar geen huurder te vinden

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Negen maanden nadat het eerste deel van het nieuwe World Trade Center in New York open is gegaan (toren 4), rijst de vraag of het WTC wel afgebouwd moet worden. Huurders zijn lastig te vinden. Bedrijven zijn na 9/11 verhuisd en niet geneigd terug te keren naar de rampplek.

The terrace offers one of New York City’s most exclusive views. Perched on the 57th floor of the new World Trade Center complex, it overlooks the Manhattan skyline to the north, and the Statue of Liberty and New York harbor to the south.

Offices complete the rest of the panoramic view, their windows facing some of the city’s most beautiful bridges.

The building would be splendid if it was not so desperately empty: No company seems to want to rent out the floor space, at least not yet. Inaugurated last November, 4 World Trade Center counts about 40% of its surface still unoccupied. Moreover, the list of its tenants is itself slightly dubious, and includes among them the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, which actually owns the site. The Authority is hoping that its presence will encourage others to follow, having already offered to sublet its offices, in case companies finally decided to apply.

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    • Lucie Robequain