Hoe vind je een baan via social media? Dat ligt aan je leeftijd

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Sociale media zijn wereldwijd populair om contacten bij te houden, interesses te delen, of een baan te vinden. Maar hoe kan je die sociale media zo effectief mogelijk gebruiken bij het zoeken naar ander werk? Carolina Machado geeft tips.

Criticized by some, used by many, social networking sites have become a global phenomenon. Be it to find work, love or friends, or simply to share interests, we find today many networking platforms that help us reach these diverse goals. Yet there is one, basic objective that everyone shares: to be visible and recognized by others.

Finding work, as they say, is a full-time job. Whatever your age is, the networking sites have become a useful means to find professional opportunities. The challenge is to see — and understand — how organizations are communicating through these platforms.

For the baby boom generation — 48 to 65 years old — the priority is to find solid organizations, preferably hierarchical. They’re the ones that can offer stability and status. The job market may be difficult these days, but such businesses do exist, and they look for professionals directly on their websites, or through headhunters.

Online networking has doubled (from 22 to 42%) among baby boomers, the 2013 poll Pew Internet and American Life Project shows. Age isn’t a problem for this generation. It is important to understand that people aged 48 to 65 are attractive to the kind of company they want to work for. To be more visible, they need to be active on professional networking sites, and to display their generation’s experiences and qualities. They need to show, for instance, that they are committed and persevering workers.

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