China maakt de meeste schoenen ter wereld - maar hoe lang nog?

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China is de grootste schoenenfabrikant ter wereld. Tweederde van alle schoenen komt er vandaan. Alleen slaagt het land er maar niet in eigen exclusieve merken te ontwerpen. Het enige dat China doet, is namaken. Uiteindelijk zal dat ten koste gaan van de Chinese schoenindustrie. Want consumenten willen toch ‘echt’.

Summer shopping included the hunt for a new pair of sandals, which was also an opportunity to take stock in where the Chinese shoe industry stands.

In itself, it is not surprising to find a “cohabitation” of different quality from different brands in a single shopping center. It’s also natural that different brands target different customers, at different price points. The problem with Chinese shoes companies runs deeper: the blatent copying of designs from foreign brands.

One example: an ingenious design of the heels of the wedge sandals from the French brand Chloé appear identically in a large number of Chinese brands’ summer collections this year.

Design is intellectual property. It’s the expression of a person’s intelligence and creativity, and it should be protected. When such copycat behavior becomes commonplace, it not only is an act of unfair competition and unjust enrichment, but also discourages business culture from innovating.

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    • Duan Linna