MH17: de kosten en consequenties van een open luchtruim

Foto ANP

Een aantal belangrijke vliegroutes tussen Europa en Zuidoost-Azië loopt precies door het luchtruim van Oekraïne. Omvliegen kost geld. Wie bepaalt of dat nodig is?

MUNICH — On Thursday, soon after the first news of the disappearance of Flight MH17 hit, a curious image appeared on the flight website. This service enables people to follow live, rather like a flight controller, where a plane is in a specific region, its direction and its altitude.

On Friday afternoon, the points on the screen started forming a large arc over the eastern part of Ukraine. Some planes, like an Emirates flight from Dubai to Kiev, turned around and went back to the airport from which they’d taken off.

By now no civil flights are flying through that area at all. The question many people are asking is why only now? At the time the Malaysian flight is presumed to have been shot down, flight restrictions were already in place over Ukraine, but MH17 was in a part of air space open for civil aviation…

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    • Jens Flottau