Obesitas in China is een enorme groeimarkt

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De VS spannen nog steeds de kroon, maar ook in opkomende economieën als India en China zijn steeds meer mensen te dik: inmiddels heeft eenderde van de wereld overgewicht. Een creatieve ondernemer ziet niet alleen een gezondheidsprobleem, maar ook een kans om geld te verdienen. Hoe word je rijk door dikke Chinezen te helpen gewicht te verliezen?

Obesity is a worldwide problem. The latest confirmation comes from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, which conducted a study in 188 countries that found one-third of the global adult population and one-fourth of all children are overweight or obese. That includes no fewer than 671 million people who fall into the obese category.

While the United States still counts the highest obese population at 78 million, China and India follow with 46 million and 30 million respectively.

In business terms, of course, crisis create opportunities. Several agencies exist already in the Chinese market that help people with weight loss, but almost none of them have created a successful business. The main reason appears to be that these companies focus is on helping customers to look better rather than be healthier.

The typical example is Weight Watchers, the American company offering services and products in for weight loss. Since its entry in China in 2008, the company’s business has showed meager growth. By 2012, its stores had all packed up.

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