Hoe het Maya-licht doofde

Het rijk van de Maya’s raakte snel in verval. Door droogte. PAGINA 8-9

The ruins of Tikal's Temple of the Great Jaguar, raising amid the rain forest in Northern Guatemala, still expresses the glory of the city's ancient rulers. Among the largest of the early Maya city states, Tikal was the first target of a conquering army from Central Mexico, which arrived in 378. During the next 5 centuries it became a superpower with alliances - and enemies - throughout the Maya realm. To avoid daytime shadows at Tikal and other sites, Simon photographed them affter dark bathed in floodligths. Tikal, Peten, Guatemala, 20 Jan 07 Temple 1 (The Temple of the Great Jaguar) seen from Temple 2 (The Temple of the Masks). To the left are some of the stelae that front the Northern Acropolis. Photo: Simon Norfolk / NB Pictures/Hollandse Hoogte. Uit serie: maya - the rise and fall (20x). Simon Norfolk/Hollandse Hoogte