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This photo provided by Sean McAfee from Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012, shows a dead raccoon that McAfee saw with the road dividing line painted over it before he stopped his motorcycle to take the picture on Franklin Rd. in Johnstown, Pa. According to PennDOT traffic engineer John Ambrosini, paint crews know to avoid such animals and usually have a foreman on the job to clear any dead animals off the road before the paint-spraying truck equipment passes by. This crew didn't have a foreman that day, and the equipment was too big to turn around in traffic on the curvy, narrow road so the line could be repainted without the carcass in the way. (AP Photo/Sean McAfee) NO SALES

Normaal gesproken gaat er altijd een voorman mee met de verfploeg in Johnstown, Pennsylvania om eventuele obstakels op de weg te verwijderen. Deze dag was de voorman er niet.