Iedereen kosmopoliet

In Hongkong staat een louche flat waar het hele zuidelijk halfrond komt handelen. Chungking Mansions is het ware gezicht van de globalisering. Pagina 3

A banner which reads "Release Hu Jia" is hung down from Hong Kong's infamous guesthouse building Chungking Mansions on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui as the Olympic torch bearer passes by during the Olympic torch relay in the southern Chinese territory on May 2, 2008. Chinese dissident Hu Jia, who has been critical of the Games and published an essay called "The Real China and the Olympics", was jailed in early April. The Olympic torch relay got underway in wet conditions in Hong Kong, in what is seen as a last chance for protesters to pile more pressure on China over Tibet and its human rights record. AFP PHOTO / POOL / Bobby YIP AFP