Wie kreeg er mail van Breivik? Eén .nl adres

Aan wie heeft Anders Breivik zijn manifest tegen het “cultureel marxisme‘  eigenlijk allemaal gestuurd? Het antwoord werpt een licht op de vraag wie Breivik als zijn sympathisanten en geestverwanten beschouwde. Tanguy Veys, sinds 2010 parlementslid voor de rechts-nationalistische partij Vlaams Belang, heeft tot zijn ,,grote verbazing” ook zo’n e-mail gekregen (onderaan dit artikel staat de volledige mail). Er waren  1002 e-mail adressen zichtbaar, vertelt hij in een telefoongesprek. Met één .nl adres, dus één adres dat zeker te herleiden is tot Nederland.

“Ik zag die mail pas maandagmiddag rond vier uur, toen een journalist van de VTM belde. Ik was de voorbije dagen op vakantie geweest en had mijn mail nog niet bekeken. Toen ontdekte ik dat bericht van Breivik, om 14.09 gemaild, dus nog geen twee uur voordat de bom ontplofte (bij het regeringscentrum in Oslo).”

Veys vertelt dat hij ,,geen enkele sympathie” heeft voor Breivik en hem ook nooit heeft ontmoet.

“Waarschijnlijk is de lijst gebaseerd op Facebookvrienden van Breivik en vrienden van die vrienden.”

Hij heeft de namen dinsdag overhandigd aan de Belgische justitie, en wil wel in het algemeen vertellen naar welke landen die e-mails zijn verstuurd, voor zover duidelijk, maar zonder details.

“Ik heb er ook niet voor gekozen om tussen die duizend e-mail adressen te staan. Daarom vertel ik die namen ook alleen aan justitie, om de privacy te respecteren van anderen op die lijst en te voorkomen dat ze bestookt worden met vragen.”

Van meer dan 400 adressen is de nationaliteit niet direct herleidbaar, bij bijvoorbeel gmail en hotmail. Op basis van e-mailuitgangen heeft Veys 135 adressen in Groot-Brittannië geteld, 115 in Italië, 74 in Frankrijk en 21 in Zweden.

“Tussen de achttien Belgische adressen zitten wel een paar mensen die ik ken, zoals een aantal studenten. Ik ben het enige Belgische parlementslid tussen die Belgische adressen. Er staan ook wat mensen op die zijn verbonden aan de Lijst Dedecker en de N-VA (twee Vlaams-nationalistische partijen, ML), maar geen mensen die hoog in de partij zitten.”

Een .nl adres komt volgens Veys één keer voor in de lijst. Hij herkende dat adres „niet als dat van iemand die aan de PVV of enige politieke partij gelinkt kan worden.”

Ook Laszlo Toroczkai, leider van een kleine rechts-nationalistische Hongaarse partij, heeft bekendgemaakt de mail van Breivik te hebben gekregen. Ook hij zei Breivik bij zijn weten nooit ontmoet te hebben.

Hier volgt de volledige tekst van de mail van Berwick alias Breivik:

Western European patriot,

I’m hereby sending you my new compendium (3 books); “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”, in Word 97 format, which includes the following main topics:

1. The ongoing Islamisation of Western Europe

2. The current state of the Western European Resistance Movements (anti-Marxist/anti-Jihad movements)

3. Solutions for Western Europe and how we, the cultural conservative resistance, should move forward in the coming decades

4. And covering all, highly relevant topics including solutions and strategies for all of the 8 different political fronts

The compendium/book presents advanced ideological, practical, tactical, organisational and rhetorical solutions and strategies for all patriotic-minded individuals/movements. The book will be of great interest to you whether you are a moderate or a more dedicated cultural conservative/nationalist.

After years of work the first edition of the compendium “2083” is completed. If you have received this e-mail and book, you are either a former Facebook friend or you are the friend of my Facebook friend. If you are concerned for the future of Western Europe you will definitely find the information both interesting and highly relevant.

I have spent several years researching and compiling the information and I have spent most of my hard earned funds in this process (in excess of 300 000 Euros). I do not want any compensation for the work as it is a gift to you, as a fellow patriot.

The content of the compendium truly belongs to everyone and is available to be distributed non-commercially in any way or form. In fact, I ask only one favour of you; I ask that you distribute this book to everyone you know. Please do not think that others will take care of it. Sorry to be blunt, but it does not work out that way. If we, the Western European Resistance, fail or become apathetic, then Western Europe will fall, and your liberties with it…  It is essential and very important that everyone is at least presented with the truth before our systems come crashing down within 2 to 7 decades. So again, I humbly ask you to re-distribute the book to as many patriotic minded individuals as you can. I am 100% certain that the distribution of this compendium to a large portion of European patriots will contribute to ensure our victory in the end. Because within these three books lies the tools required to win the ongoing Western European cultural war, the war against the anti-European hate ideology known as multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism (cultural Marxism/political correctness), as you might know, is the root cause of the ongoing Islamisation of Europe which has resulted in the ongoing Islamic colonisation of Europe through demographic warfare and conquest. This compendium presents the solutions and explains exactly what is required of each and every one of us in the coming decades. Everyone can and should contribute in one way or another, it’s just a matter of will.

I hope you enjoy this compendium. It currently offers the most comprehensive database of solution oriented subjects. As mentioned, I only ask one thing from you; that you distribute this book to your friends and ask them to forward it to “their” friends, especially to individuals who have a patriotic mindset. Please help us and help yourself, your family and friends by contributing to spread the tools which will ensure our victory; for the truth must be known… It is not only our right but also our duty to contribute to preserve our identity, our culture and our national sovereignty by preventing the ongoing Islamisation. There is no Resistance Movement if individuals like us refuse to contribute…

Time is of the essence. We have only a few decades to consolidate a sufficient level of resistance before our major cities are completely demographically overwhelmed by Muslims. Ensuring the successful distribution of this compendium to as many Europeans as humanly possible will significantly contribute to our success. It may be the only way to avoid our present and future dhimmitude (enslavement) under Islamic majority rule in our own countries.

I have been unable to send this compendium to many people, for various reasons, so I truly hope you will be willing to contribute.

This compendium is sent to you in the Word 2007 – docx format. If you do not have MS Word 2007 or newer you may get a “2007 Word Viewer” at no cost at the main Microsoft site or just get a trial version.

Opening a docx file

Microsoft introduced the .docx  file format in its 2007 Office and Word applications and wants it to replace the commonly used doc format. The problem with the change from doc to docx is that many users are still working with prior versions of Word (XP in particular) or no Microsoft product at all and face the problem that they can’t load the docx file because it is not supported in their application.

Older versions of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word:

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1. For Word XP or older versions - install the Microsoft Compatibility Pack which adds support for the new file formats, or;

2. Download Word 97 viewer or newer, or;

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4. The free online docx converter lets you convert docx documents. This is a pretty good solution if you don’t want to install the previously mentioned add-ons. Remember, gaining access to this compendium will be well worth your time!

For translation from English to another language I would recommend the Google translation engine as a short term solution.


Sincere and patriotic regards,

Andrew Berwick, London, England - 2011


Justiciar Knight Commander for Knights Templar Europe and one of several leaders of the National and pan-European Patriotic Resistance Movement

With the assistance from brothers and sisters in England, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Spain, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, the US etc.