Acht liedjes over Japan

1 Deep Purple: ‘Woman from Tokyo’(1973)Fly into the rising sun / Faces, smiling everyone / Yeah, she is a whole new tradition / I feel it in my heart / My woman from Tokyo / She makes me see / My woman from Tokyo / She’s so good to me.

2 The Vapors: ‘Turning Japanese’ (1980)No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women / No fun, no sin, no you, no wonder it’s dark / Everyone around me is a total stranger / Everyone avoids me like a cyclone ranger / That’s why I’m turning Japanese / I think I’m turning Japanese.

3 Alphaville: ‘Big in Japan’ (1984)You did what you did to me / Now it’s history I see / Here’s my comeback on the road again / Things will happen while they can / I will wait here for my man tonight / Things are easy when you’re big in Japan.

4 Gwen Stefani: ‘Harajuku Girls’ (2004)Wa mono - there’s me, there’s you (hoko-ten) / In a pedestrian paradise / Where the catwalk got it’s claws (meow) / A subculture in a kaleidoscope of fashion / Prowl the streets of Harajuku (irasshaimase) / Super lovers, tell me where you got yours / (at the super lovers store) / Yoji Yamamoto, I’m hanging with the locals.

5 Teriyaki Boyz: ‘Tokyo Drift’ (Fast & Furious) (2006)I wonder if you know / How they live in Tokyo / If you see me then you mean it / Then you know you have to go / Fast and furious (Drift, Drift, Drift).

6Athlete: ‘Tokyo’ (2007)I am Tokyo / I am here / I am blazing lights / On your street. I’m an upstart / Bound to cross you / I’m the hypocrite / By your side. She won’t forget / And I won’t forget.

7Danny Saucedo:‘Tokyo’ (2007)Tokyo / You’ve got the rhythm in you / High and low / She’s gonna do it to you. Tokyo / You’ve got the rhythm in you / High and low / She’s gonna do it to you. Ohh... / I can leave any day / But you’re always gonna stay on my mind / And you can run you can hide / But this roller-coaster ride never stops.

8 Coldplay:‘Lovers in Japan’(2008) They are turning my head out / To see what I’m all about / Keeping my head down / To see what it feels like now / But I have no doubt / One day we’re gonna get out / Tonight maybe we’re gonna run / Dreaming of the Osaka sun.

De rubriek De Lijst geeft kunstuitingen bij het nieuws. De aanleiding vandaag: het verhaal over China dat Japan inhaalt op pagina 4-5.