7 knuffelige liedjes

1 Dean Martin: ‘Cuddle Up a Little Closer, Lovely Mine’ (1960)‘Cuddle up a little closer, oh lovely mine / Cuddle up and be my little clinging vine / Like to feel your cheeks so rosy / Like to make you comfy cozy / Cuz I love from head to toesy’

2 Beach Boys: ‘Cuddle up’ (1972)‘The night has come / Cuddle up to me / Keep warm / Mmm close to me / In dreams we’ll dream / Making love to wake / To find we’re still one’

3 Fun Lovin’ Criminals: ‘Bear Hug’ (1996)‘I’ve got bear hug for my brothers / and I got no love for the others / c’mon kids, you ain’t built for bits / You’ll get jacked in the ass like a sucker’

4 The Wrens: ‘Jane Fakes a Hug’ (1996)‘Jane fakes a hug / she throws herself down on the rug / what’s wrong / my dragging days are whipping long’

5 Hans Vermeulen: ‘Een kus en een knuffel’ (1998) ‘Een kus en een knuffel en een stille lach / Is het mooiste moment, de kroon op mijn dag / Ga maar lekker slapen kleine, ’t is al laat / Ik kan niet altijd bij je blijven, je weet hoe dat gaat’

6 R. Kelly: ‘Heaven, I Need A Hug’ (2002) ‘Heaven, I need a hug / Is there anybody out there willin' to embrace a thug / Feelin' like a change of heart / And all I really need is a sign or a word from God / So shower down on me, wet me with your love’

7 Parry Gripp: ‘Give a Ham a Hug’ (2009)‘You won’t get sick from eating bacon / It will only put a smile on your mug / So throw away the apple / Grab a piece of scrapple / And go and give a ham a hug

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