Honderdduizend man op één strand

Close to 100 000 people spend Reconciliation Day at the Durban's Golden Mile beach front in Durban on December 16, 2009.Reconciliation Day was established as a paid public holiday to foster ties across divides, promote unity and strengthen South Africa's democracy. South African President Jacob Zuma said "Let me emphasise that in this era of promoting renewal, we must promote the values of non-racialism, reconciliation and non-sexism among all our people, black and white". During the apartheid, December 16 was known as the Day of the Vow. With the dawn of democracy, the day has retained its status as a public holiday, but with the purpose of strengthening reconciliation and unity amongst all races.The city of Durban is situated on the east coast of the African Continent and attracts thousands of local and international tourists boosting the local economy at this time of the year. The city of Durban is one of the major cities to host the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament in June 2010. AFP PHOTO RAJESH JANTILAL AFP