7 liedjes over de inboedel verliezen

1Acda en De Munnik: ‘Cd van jou, cd van mij’ ‘Cd van jou, cd van mij / Cd van ons allebei / Maar gekregen van m’n moeder / Van mijn moeder dus van mij’

2Beyoncé: ‘Irreplaceable’‘To the left, to the left / To the left, to the left / To the left, to the left / Everything you own in the box to the left / In the closet that’s my stuff, yes / If I bought it please don’t touch’

3Erykah Badu: ‘Tyrone’‘I think ya better call Tyrone / (Call Him) / And Tell him come on, Help you get your Shit (Come On, Come on) / You need to Call Tyrone’

4Fionn Regan: ‘Put A Penny In The Slot’‘I apologise / seem to have arrived / On what items in my bag from your house / There’s cutlery / a tablecloth, some Hennessy / And a book on Presidents deceased / I’ll have them fed-exed to you / It was a strange thing to do / I hope we can still be friends’

5Radiohead: ‘Morning Bell’ ‘You can keep the furniture / A bump on the head / Coming down the chimney / Release me (4x) / Cut the kids in half’ (3x)

6Ryan Adams: ‘Come Pick Me Up’‘Come pick me up / Take me out / Fuck me up / Steal my records / Screw all my friends / They’re all full of shit / With a smile on your face / And then do it again / I wish you would’

7Toby Keith: ‘Who’s That Man?’‘That’s my house & that’s my car / That’s my dog in my back yard / There’s the window to the room / Where she lays her pretty head / I planted that tree out by the fence / Not long after we moved in / That's my kids and that’s my wife / Who's that man, runnin my life?’

De rubriek ‘De Lijst’ geeft kunstuitingen bij het nieuws. De aanleiding vandaag: het coververhaal over de veiling van inboedels op pagina 4-5.