6 liedjes over overgewicht

1 Women lose weight van Morcheeba & Slick Rick. ‘The name of this entertainment is women lose weight / Our first years of marriage everything was just great / But after two kids and the weight gain factor / Fact is now she’s completely unattractive / Look, fat chicks, I don’t mean to sound rude / I tell her nice: hit the gym and don’t eat so much food / But no, ‘You’re shallow, you need to run the course of unconditional love and so forth’

2Fat van ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, een parodie op ‘Bad’ van Michael Jackson. ‘Well, I’ve never used a phone booth / And I’ve never seen my toes / When I’m goin’ to the movies / I take up seven rows / Because I’m fat, I’m fat, come on sha mone (Fat, fat, really really fat)’

3 Skinny jeans van Lele (nevenproject van P. Fabergé van De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig). ‘Wat heb ik allemaal in me zak zitten / Van me, van me, van me skinny jeans / Wat denk je, ik ben het / Die jongen die lijkt op die foto’s in dat blad / Met z’n haar zo, en z’n strakke broek, en z’n vestje / Is het oogschaduw? Wat denk je zelf? / Misschien wel, misschien ook wel niet / Een, twee feestjes in me skinny jeans / In me skinny jeans, in me skinny jeans’. In de clip probeert actrice Sanne Vogel een te krappe skinny jeans aan te trekken.

4 Miss Fat Booty van Mos Def. ‘Ass so fat that you could see it from the front / She spot me like paparazzi / Shot me a glance in that catwoman stance with the fat booty pants / Hot damn!’

5 Big Girl (You are Beautiful) van Mika. ‘You take your skinny girls / Feel like I’m gonna die / Cos a real woman / Needs a real man is why / You take your girl / And multiply her by four / Now a whole lotta woman / Needs a whole lot more’.

6 I like big buts van MC Hammer. ‘I like big buts and I can not lie / You other brothers can’t deny / That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist / And a round thing in your face / You get sprung’

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