9 liedjes over muren

1Adam Wade: The Writing On The Wall (1961) It’s not too hard / To read between the lines, dear / So plain to see love / Didn’t conquer all / It’s not too hard / To recognize the signs, dear / I see the writing on the wall

2 Crosby & Nash: The Wall Song (1972) The wall stretches endless beside you to nowhere / This wall that you’ve been trying to cross for years / This fence made of tears / No one hears

3Michael Jackson: ‘Off the wall’ (1979)Groove / Let the madness of the music get to you / Life ain’t so bad at all / If you live it off the wall

4Pink Floyd: ‘Another brick in the wall’ (1979) We don’t need no education / We don’t need no thought control / No dark sarcasm in the classroom / Teachers leave them kids alone / Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone! / All in all it’s just another brick in the wall

5 Accept: ‘Balls To The Wall’ (1983) Watch the damned (God bless ya) / They’re gonna break their chains (hey) / No, you can’t stop them (God bless ya) / They’re coming to get you / And then you’ll get your / Balls to the wall, man

6 Mike Oldfield: ‘Shadow on the Wall’ (1983)Waste Me Till I’m Hungry / Lose Me In The Cold / Treat Me Like A Criminal / Just A Shadow On The Wall

7 Klein Orkest: ‘Over de Muur’ (1984) En alleen de vogels vliegen van Oost- naar West-Berlijn / Worden niet teruggefloten, ook niet neergeschoten / Over de muur, over het IJzeren Gordijn / Omdat ze soms in het westen soms ook in het oosten willen zijn.

8 AC/DC: ‘Fly On The Wall’ (1985) I was trapped, like a fly on the wall / I was caged, like a zoo animal / No escape, from the fate that you make / You’re a snake, I’ve had all I can take

9Boys like girls:‘Up against the wall’ (2006) And I can’t deny your eyes / You know I try to read between the lines / I saw a warning sign / And then you threw me up against the wall

De rubriek ‘De Lijst’ geeft kunstuitingen bij het nieuws. De aanleiding vandaag: 9 november is het 20 jaar geleden dat de Berlijnse Muur viel.