Negen liedjes over eten

1 Memphis Minnie: ‘Keep on eating’ (1933)Every time I cook, look like you can’t get enough/ Fix you a pot of soup and make you drink it up/ So keep on eating/ Oh, keep on eating/ Keep on eating, baby, till you get enough.

2 The Beach Boys: ‘Gettin’ Hungry’: (1967)Gettin’ hungry/Hungry for my kind o’ woman/ I’m gettin’ hungry/ Soon I gotta find me a woman/ I’m gettin’ hungry/ Searchin’ for a pretty girl.

3 The Kinks: ‘Maximum Consumption’ (1972)I’ll have some clam chowder, followed by beef steak on rye/ Pumpkin pie, whipped cream and coffee/ I want a green salad on the side/ Don’t forget the french fries/ Pizza pie, garlic and anchovie/ I keep burning up calories as fast as I keep putting them down/ Eat food, put it in my mouth/ Chew it up, swallow it down.

4 Larry Groce: ‘Junk Food Junkie’ (1976)Oh yeah, in the daytime I’m Mr. Natural/ Just as healthy as I can be/ But at night I’m a junk food junkie/ Good Lord, have pity on me.

5 Dean Friedman: ‘Deli Song’ (1978)Four in the morning. (what’ll you have? ) well, I’m in the mood for a corned beef on rye/ With a tomato and some coleslaw on the side/ I’m really glad that you tripped on the curb or we might’ve never met/ It was a sight, you look all perturbed, helpless and sopping wet/ How do you feel?/ I’m fine.

6 The sugarcubes:‘Eat the menu’ (1989) I’m just a maid, but yes to food is yes to life/ I’ve got to eat something/ Otherwise I’ll just die/ But the choice is too great/ I can’t decide what to eat/ I’ll possibly just eat the menu?

7 Jimmy Buffett:‘I wish lunch could last forever’ (1989) I wish lunch could last forever/ Make the whole day one big afternoon/ We’ll begin with dessert a little coconut tart/ Mmmm tastes as sweet as a piece of your heart/ Café au lait beneath the Paris moon.

8 Decendents: ‘I like food (1991)’I like food, food tastes good!/ I like food, food tastes good/ Juicy burgers, greasy fries/ Turkey legs and raw fish eyes/ Teenage girls, with ketchup too!/ Get out of my way, or I’ll eat you.

9 The Cardigans:‘Happy Meal II (1996)’Prepare a meal I can make/ sing funny songs/ while it’s in the oven/ then take a bath with bubbles/ shape up my face/ eager for the meeting/ the dinner we’ll be eating/ wine we’ll be drinking/ and kinky thoughts I’m thinking/ all because of you.

De rubriek de lijst geeft kunstuitingen bij het nieuws. De aanleiding: eten maakt gelukkig.