9 liedjes over slecht slapen

1Green Day: ‘Brain Stew’ (1995)I’m having trouble trying to sleep/ I’m counting sheep but running out/ As time ticks by/ still I try/ No rest for crosstops in my mind/ On my own... here we go.

2Feeder: ‘Insomnia’ (1999)My brain, my poor brain/ My brain, my poor brain/ I’m drinking myself to sleep again/ Nightnurse pills to keep me sane/ Drinking myself to sleep again, Insomnia.

3Clay Walker:‘I Can’t Sleep’ (2003)I’m not gonna sleep till I touch your face/ Baby, not a wink, I could go for days/ If you ever needed to see me down on my knees/ Take a look at me, baby, I can’t sleep.

4The Perishers: ‘Trouble Sleeping’ (2005) I’m having trouble sleeping/ You’re jumping in my bed/ Twisting in my head/ Leave me.

5Norah Jones: ‘Sleepless nights’ (2005)Through these sleepless nights/ I cry for you/ And wonder who/ is kissing you/ Oh these sleepless nights/ Will break my heart in two.

6Acda en de Munnik: ‘Laat me slapen’ (2005)Vannacht lag ik weer wakker mam/ Om alles wat ik niet weet/ En voor niets had ik een oplossing/ Behalve dan me reet/ Niet dat het me niet interesseert/ Maar wat weet ik er nou van/ Soms dacht ik: ‘stel nou dat...’/ En dat was het wel weer dan.

7Corinne Bailey Rae: ‘Trouble Sleeping’ (2006) It’s late and I’m feeling so tired having trouble sleeping/ this constant compromise, between thinking and breathing/ could it be I’m suffering, because I’ll never give in/ won’t say that I’m falling in love.

8Faber Drive: ‘Sleepless Nights’ (Never Let Her Go) (2008)Another sleepless night and/ still staring at the ceiling/ I can hear him fighting/ with her for no good reason

9 Pete Philly & Perquisite:‘Insomnia’ (2008)Now I think I’ll read until my eyes bleed/ Could never ever sleep in this position/ While I keep waiting on a sweet intermission/ Now how am I to go and get by?/ I want to sleep and yep I try/ I’m half asleep yet half awake/ I wonder how much longer it will take before I go and break.

De rubriek ‘de lijst’ geeft kunstuitingen bij het nieuws. De aanleiding van vandaag is de zomerserie op deze pagina’s over gelukkig worden. Deel 1: slaapproblemen.