9 liedjes over discriminatie

1Billie Holiday: ‘Strange Fruit’ (1939)

Southern trees bear strange fruit /Blood on the leaves and blood at the root /Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze /Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

2 Bob Dylan: ‘Hurricane’ (1975)Rubin carter and a couple of friends are drivin around [...] Had no idea what kinda shit was about to go down /When a cop pulled him over to the side of the road /Just like the time before and the time before that [...] /In paterson thats just the way things go /If youre black you might as well not show up on the street /less you wanna draw the heat.

3 Frank Boeijen Groep : ‘Welkom in Utopia’ (1987) Ver weg is zijn vaderland /Niemand kent zijn naam /Maar dit is welvaart/De twintigste eeuw/Dit is het antwoord /Op een hongerige schreeuw/Welkom in Utopia.

4 Eddy Grant: ‘Gimme Hope’ (1988)Well Jo’anna she runs a country /She runs in Durban and the Transvaal/ She makes a few of her people happy, oh /She don’t care about the rest at all /She’s got a system they call apartheid /It keeps a brother in a subjection/But maybe pressure can make Jo'anna see/How everybody could a live as one.

5 Sinead O’Connor: ‘Black Boys On Mopeds’ (1990) England’s not the mythical land of Madame George and roses /It’s the home of police who kill black boys on mopeds / And I love my boy and that’s why I’m leaving /I don’t want him to be aware that there’s / Any such thing as grieving.

6 Lenny Kravitz: ‘Mr. Cab Driver’ (1990) Mr cab driver won’t you stop to let me in /Mr cab driver don’t like my kind of skin /Mr cab driver you’re never gonna win / Mr cab driver won’t you stop to pick me up.

7 Michael Jackson:They Don’t Care About Us (1996)Skinhead, deadhead, everybody gone bad /situation, aggravation, everybody allegation /in the suite, on the news, everybody dog food /bang bang, shock dead, everybodys gone bad.

8Raymzter: ‘Kut Marokkanen??!’ (2002)Ze willen ons zwart maken als ze over ons praten /We hebben ze niks gedaan en alsnog willen ze ons haten /Ze willen ons zwart maken als ze over ons praten/Tijd dat dit verandert heb je dat niet in de gaten.

9 Pink: ‘Dear Mr President’ (2007)What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street? /Who do you pray for at night before you go to sleep? /What do you feel when you look in the mirror? /Are you proud?

De rubriek ‘de lijst’ geeft kunstuitingen bij het nieuws. De aanleiding van vandaag: AH to go weigert Marokkanen.