Wat deden we in het donker?

Wat deden we in het donker? Wereldwijd hebben 1,6 miljard mensen geen elektriciteit. Als er eindelijk licht komt in het dorp wordt alles anders. pagina 4 en 5 Foto Geert van Kesteren / HH INDONESIA JAVA, THE QUAKE : THE VILLAGE OF DESSA BUWARAN 1. people sleep and eat in the streets as 95% of the houses in this village are destroyed and 52 people killed. Electricity is out. the woman on the left kept on crying.The early morning earthquake shook the region around Yogyakarta on the Indonesian island of Java, collapsing houses onto the sleeping families. Thousands died under the weight of wood and brick in the dust and dark. Yogyakarta itself still stands, but the poorer areas have been destroyed. Over 200,000 people struggled to find shelter, a plastic sheet for a tent, perhaps, to hide from the rain. At least 35,000 homes were destroyed. Many schools are gone. Telephones and power are out. Roads were destroyed, slowing relief. Survivors from the surrounding areas were further from help, and some were closer to the epicenter of the quake (measured at 6.3 on the Richter scale) some 25 km from Yogyakarta. It might not be over — the local volcano, Mt. Merapi, started bubbling only two weeks before. Kesteren, Geert van / MAGNUM PHOTOS

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